What we do

We offer an extensive range of consulting services that address the most diverse consumer behavior research with a focus on forecasting trends and innovations, communication and product.

We provide comprehensive strategic and creative consulting services for brands, startups and companies in the areas of fashion, beauty & wellness, design, technology, construction, architecture & decoration, automobiles, food & beverage, entertainment, finance, among other segments. Among the services, we can highlight:

Lectures & Workshops

In order to help brands and companies to extract creative solutions and rethink strategies, the lectures, workshops and mediations, presented by Iza Dezon, can be directed for internal teams, final consumers and/or other contact points with the client. Among many other held lectures, we highlight: The Future of Retail, The Era of Emotion, Generation Zero, The Collective Purpose and the 40 Disruptive Days.

Socio-cultural Trends Consultancy

By mapping out the current global macro trends and their regional variations, with a socio-cultural focus, we offer in-depth and personalized analytics for future consumption habits in several markets. The result is a broad panorama that helps the development and strategic improvement for content generation, communication strategies, product and service development, etc.

Personas & Archetypes

An accurate and consistent methodology that defines and validates brand positioning, and style, ensuring consistency between product, retail strategies, visual identity and communication. Archetypes are tools employed to identify and illustrate client’s inspirational consumer profiles, resulting in the definition of a solid brand discourse, identifying the target audience’s unive

Content Curatorship

We offer this strategy to stimulate the implementation of disruptive and prospective concepts of communication, product and service positioning, focusing on engaging and activating experiences, as well as brand strategies. Deliveries include: strategic and content consultancy for digital platforms, written content, and image curation.

Trend Letters & Safaris

Trend pills: Customized newsletters that focus on emerging trends in the consumer market. Each theme is illustrated through a sociocultural introduction, presenting feasible examples of new services and products, with a focus on the brand’s segment. Discovering what's new: A personalized tour of emerging trends in Brazil and worldwide. Following the customer's briefing, the DEZON® team selects inspirational places (virtual or physical) such as shops, museums, art galleries, spa's, restaurants, among others.